Two reasons to consider using an air cannon on your silo


If you work in any manufacturing industry and make use of silos, bunkers, or hoppers to store or transfer bulk solids, then you will probably be familiar with the problem of clogging. When you need material to flow from one location to the next it can be all too common for material to become stuck in the chute or attached to the silo reducing the rate of flow or potentially contaminating or blocking your future loads.

13 January 2020

Three Crucial Precautions for Custom Wooden Box Construction


If you are in need of a custom wooden box for transporting valuable goods, you should look for a suitable product from a qualified local supplier. In general, boxes are indispensable containers that are designed to provide additional protection to delicate goods against sunlight, dust, and impact. In addition, the wood stabilises the items when travelling through rough roads. Under ideal circumstances, you should purchase your crate from a specialist.  However, if you would like to reduce your haulage costs, you can opt for DIY construction.

9 January 2020

Earthmoving Equipment Hire Tips


Would you want to hire an earthmover? It could be you want to demolish a structure or build a foundation. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations to make when hiring earthmovers.  Work With a Reputable Company Work with earthmover hire companies renowned for quality services. The earthmover hire company should have reasonable terms of hire. Some of your concerns should include: Will they deliver the equipment to your site?

7 January 2020

Why you need to work with a certified welding professional


When your project requires any welding to be carried out, it is essential that you choose the best possible company to do the work. It doesn't matter if it is only a little bit of welding -- you can't afford to risk the integrity of the whole project by getting one little part wrong. You must choose a welding company you can trust to carry out the work to the highest standards.

1 January 2020

4 Reasons To Choose Electric Chain Hoists For Your Metal Fabrication Business


A wide variety of tools and equipment are needed to run a successful metal fabrication shop or factory, and a chain hoist can be a particularly useful tool in your arsenal. When properly used, a chain hoist can be used to lift remarkably heavy objects, and one or two chain hoists can make moving large projects and pieces of fabrication equipment around your work environment much easier. However, manual chain hoists generally don't have the power necessary for lifting heavy objects fabricated from steel or aluminium, so you should consider investing in power chain hoists.

30 December 2019

Tips for Purchasing Aluminium Products


Aluminium is one of the most popular metals. It is versatile, malleable, lightweight, odourless and non-combustible, and you can recycle it without losing its properties. Its incredible features make it a suitable raw material in the construction industry, the transportation industry and even the electrical industry.  Just like other valuable metals, aluminium comes in different forms. For this reason, you must understand the exact specifications of the aluminium you want before purchasing it.

18 December 2019

Critical Features That Improve the Performance of TIG Welding Units


With the current metal fabrication industry experiencing significant growth, now would be the right time to open a metal fabrication shop. However, you need the right equipment if you want to start on the right footing. An excellent place to start would be to find the right TIG welding unit. However, with different brands available in the market, finding what you need might prove challenging. Luckily for you, this article has done much of the work and highlights key features or characteristics to look for in a TIG welder.

16 December 2019

How Steel Building Supplies Can Be Used Around Your Home


Whether you are building or renovating your home one material, you will not be able to manage without is steel. Roofing is one area where steel is often used due to the strong and durable nature of the material, but there are lots of other ways that steel building supplies could be incorporated into your home to provide a strong, stable structure to protect your family. Here are four other ways that steel building supplies could be used in and around your property.

9 December 2019

Ute Trays For Camping Trips: Should You Choose Aluminium?


Most modern utes are far removed from the rugged beasts that roamed rural roads and outback trails in years gone by. While the cargo beds of modern utes are tough enough to carry light cargo from time to time, they generally don't have the capacity or strength to transport large amounts of heavy gear safely. Consequently, many ute owners have custom ute trays fitted to the cargo beds of their vehicles, and these custom-built, reinforced cargo carriers can be particularly useful for camping enthusiasts.

5 December 2019

Tips for Renting a Scissor Lift


Scissor lifts are essential equipment in construction and manufacturing as it allows workers to access areas out of their reach. When you need to use scissor lifts, you may not have a budget to buy one, hence the need to rent one. To ensure you rent safe and efficient equipment, use the following tips. Environment and weather You cannot operate a scissor lift without securing the work site. Before renting one, you should assess the environment for any hazards that may pose a risk.

29 November 2019