Earthmoving Equipment Hire Tips


Would you want to hire an earthmover? It could be you want to demolish a structure or build a foundation. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations to make when hiring earthmovers. 

Work With a Reputable Company

Work with earthmover hire companies renowned for quality services. The earthmover hire company should have reasonable terms of hire. Some of your concerns should include:

  1. Will they deliver the equipment to your site?
  2. Does the company provide trained and qualified personnel to operate the equipment? This ensures you are not liable if the machine breaks down.
  3. Will the company provide repair and maintenance services?
  4. Are you allowed to move the earthmover to another site? Some companies have a flexible policy while others will require you to write an email explaining why you need to move the equipment.

As a rule, the earthmover should have a comprehensive insurance cover. Some companies may also conduct a site inspection to ensure their equipment is used in a safe environment. For instance, overhead electrical cables and low-lying branches can damage excavators and high reach arms.  

Choose the Right Equipment

Your site conditions and type of work will determine which earthmovers you should hire. Earthmovers with tracks can work in challenging environments such as muddy or rocky terrain. Know what attachments you will need. For instance, an excavator can have a bucket, hammer, grapples, rippers or rakes. Skid steer loaders can have multiple attachments ranging from buckets to log splitters, pallet forks and brush cutters.

Condition of the Earthmover

Physically inspect the earthmover before hiring. Trouble igniting, strange engine noises, blue-black smoke and oil leaks are signs of engine problems. The equipment should be free of cracks and dents. Further, check the hydraulic system for air and water contamination. Ask the company to provide inspection records detailing the earthmover's service history. 


Below are a few tips to help you examine the company's pricing strategy:

  1. Does the company begin charging when the equipment leaves their premises or when it arrives at your site?
  2. If the company will provide plant operators, will you pay them or cater for food and accommodation?
  3. How much deposit does the company need?
  4. Will they charge daily or per hour?
  5. Does the company charge a dry or wet rate? Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine which option saves you money.
  6. What extra charges will you incur? For instance, does the company have a standard fee or will they charge more during weekends and holidays? Will you incur penalties for late payments?

When hiring an earthmover, work with a reputable company, choose the right equipment, examine the earthmover and evaluate the company's pricing strategy. 

To learn more about earthmoving equipment, contact an earthmoving equipment hire company in your area.


7 January 2020

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