Which type of pH controller do you need for your system?


Many industrial systems require the pH of water to be strictly controlled. These include waste disposal systems, where the water will need to be of a good enough quality to discharge, or recycling systems which intend to use the treated water again. Such systems include a pH controller, which will automatically measure and adjust the relevant properties of the water. There are two main types of system that can be used for this purpose; inline and recirculating pH control systems. Here is a quick summary of each type.

Inline systems

Inline control systems are the simplest and most affordable way to treat water to keep its pH within the limits. In this system a probe tests the water, and, if necessary, chemicals from a dosing pump are injected into the water. These may be injected directly into the holding tank or upstream of it, depending on the type of probe used.

Although this is a cost-effective method of checking and treating the water, there are a few limitations. Firstly, it is not as accurate as other types of control systems—although this does not matter if the measurement does not need to be too exact. Secondly, some of the chemicals injected into the water can settle onto the bottom of the tank. This can compromise the readings unless an agitator is added to the tank, which will increase the expense.

Nonetheless, an inline pH system is ideal if an exact measurement is not needed.

Recirculating systems

Recirculating control systems are a much more accurate way of keeping the pH to the correct level. In this system, water is drawn out from the tank and filtered. It is tested to see if it is at the correct level. If action is needed, the necessary chemicals are injected into the water, and it is then sent back into the tank. The water is therefore constantly circulating, and the pH is adjusted in real time.

Such systems are commonly used in environments such as swimming pools, where it is vital to keep chlorine levels within strict limits, so that it purifies the pool without harming human health.

Which type of control system you use will depend upon your system and how you intend to use the water. The best advice is to talk to your control system supplier, who will be able to study your set-up and recommend the correct controller.

For more info about PH controllers, contact a local professional. 


10 November 2022

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