Reasons to Choose a Turnkey Provider Over a Bespoke Electrical Project Solution


Although bespoke electrical solutions are sometimes deemed as superior to more standardised approaches, turning to a turnkey electrical contractor will often be the most practical way forward. Indeed, many turnkey electrical solutions can be beneficial because they don't have so much associated risk. A bespoke approach to your project will always have to factor in a degree of commercial risk whereas turnkey electrical projects tend to have been delivered in much the same way before, thereby offering you a tried-and-test pathway with virtually no risks from unexpected project outcomes. Why else are turnkey electrical solutions so popular in Australia nowadays?

Streamlined Delivery

To begin with, the greater consistency offered by turnkey providers starts from the procurement stage right through to project handover. This streamlined delivery process cannot be matched by one-off solutions. After all, when just one service provider entity handles every aspect of the project, the journey is often smoother. With turnkey electrical solutions, you won't need to manage multiple contractors either. This makes it easier to maintain the quality of the project throughout its duration. Overall, the likelihood of errors or misjudgements will be vastly reduced leading to a much greater chance of delivering the electrical project on schedule.


Project spending efficiency is another notable advantage of turnkey solutions providers. The interconnectedness of the way they deliver electrical services allows turnkey operators to leverage economies of scale on your behalf. Most commercial organisations find this will result in a reduction in the overall project cost, sometimes coming in below the allocated budget. With fewer administrative hurdles, you can also keep an eye on where your spending is going and deal with any potential overspending in certain areas before it gets out of hand, something that's much harder when a bespoke solution is chosen.

Save Time

While every electrical project is time-sensitive to some degree, some are more urgent than others. With turnkey electrical solutions, the project timeline will necessarily be more condensed. This means that when you need to get a project up and running fast, bespoke solution provision is the last thing you should be opting for. If the wider project will be delayed because the electrical side of it isn't complete, then the situation can be even more business-critical. Only projects with open-ended timescales should really be considered worthy of a bespoke approach.

Simpler Accountability

A turnkey electrical contractor will mean you obtain a single point of accountability. Should any issues arise which might run into commercial disputes, it is clear who you will need to turn to. This isn't the case when dealing with multiple parties, of course. This centralised responsibility of a turnkey solution also streamlines any post-completion support or warranty claim issues.

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27 July 2023

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