Two reasons to consider using an air cannon on your silo


If you work in any manufacturing industry and make use of silos, bunkers, or hoppers to store or transfer bulk solids, then you will probably be familiar with the problem of clogging. When you need material to flow from one location to the next it can be all too common for material to become stuck in the chute or attached to the silo reducing the rate of flow or potentially contaminating or blocking your future loads.

Responding to clogging

When clogging starts to occur, then it is important that you resolve the issue quickly, but that isn't always easy. The way you respond must be related to the nature of the material you are transferring. In some cases, you could use a water jet to clear the chute or clean the hopper, but with loads of cement, green sand or even wood chips or rice hulls, this isn't practical. You could manually empty the hopper before scrubbing it clean, but this is time-consuming and rarely practical. One popular method is to use vibration to clear the blockage but this doesn't always work and with some materials, it can be destructive. An alternative solution which is less destructive but still effective is to use an air cannon. Here are two of the biggest advantages that come when you use air cannon services to keep your materials flowing.

Fast results with less maintenance

In business, delays will always cost you money. Using an air cannon allows you to unclog your silos quickly and to dislodge all trapped solids with a blast of air. Regular use of an air cannon will cut maintenance time by reducing the amount of silo cleaning which is required. By frequently unsettling your material you aerate it rather than compact it and prevent it sticking. In this way, an air cannon can facilitate a smooth flow of material through the silo.  

Cover a large amount of material

While other techniques for dealing with clogging can often only work on a limited area at one time an air cannon is different. The blast from the air cannon radiates out and aerates a significant amount of material in one go. You should choose an air cannon that matches the size of your hopper, silo or bunker. If you can't find a single air cannon to do the job then why not try using several in combination? By using several air cannons, it is possible to get thousands of cubic feet of material flowing again.


13 January 2020

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