Scissor Lift Buying Vs Rental: A Comparative Guide


Scissor lifts guarantee your safety when working in elevated places. For instance, you could be repainting your home, installing a roof, or repairing a wall. Many people are often conflicted over whether to rent or purchase the lift. Below is a comparative guide with the assertion that hiring the scissor lift is a suitable option compared to purchasing it. 

Buying the Scissor Lift 

Buying suits people who need a scissor lift for long-term use. For instance, you might have a warehouse that uses the lift daily. Alternatively, it could be you intend to start an equipment rental company. The downside of a scissor lift purchase is that you incur a high initial cost. Besides the initial purchasing cost, you also have to pay for maintenance, operation, and insurance. However, the rule is to ensure the lift is durable and the manufacturer offers a warranty or free servicing. In some cases, you might opt to buy a used scissor lift. It is hard to tell if this equipment will last for long. Consequently, hire a mechanic to conduct a pre-purchase inspection to determine the longevity of the lift and any mechanical issues it could have. 

Renting the Scissor Lift 

A scissor lift hire is a suitable choice for short and long-term renters. For the long-term renter, hiring gives them access to a wide range of scissor lifts. For instance, you might underestimate the height and weight limits of the scissor lift during purchase. However, as your business grows, you might need a bigger or different scissor lift. You do not have to suffer the hassles of selling your old lift to get another one if you have a rented scissor lift. Instead, the rental company deploys a new lift to your site. 

Another benefit of scissor lift hire is that it allows you to take advantage of the newest technologies on the market. Many rental companies purchase the latest scissor lift models. Therefore, you do not have to settle for old technologies. You can ask for a newer model if the deployed scissor lift lacks AC, hydraulic seats, blind-spot detectors, load sensing systems, solid-state controls, or pothole protection systems.  

The secret to renting a scissor lift is ensuring you work with a reputable rental company. For instance, ensure the company guarantees the lift's condition and insures the scissor lift. Furthermore, the company should provide skilled operators to inspect and drive the scissor lift. Finally, negotiate for reasonable pricing to ensure your company's working capital remains intact.

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30 June 2022

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