Do you have the right height safety products?


Do you need to safely reach up high to carry out your job? While most people prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, there are always going to be jobs that involve working at height. You might be involved in construction or property maintenance. Alternatively, you might be based out of doors in the natural world climbing trees or rock faces to carry out vital tasks. Whatever your reasons for needing to get up high, you don't want to endanger your life every time that you go to work so it is essential that you have the right height safety products.    

Choosing your height safety products

The type of height safety products you need will depend on the nature of your work and how you are accessing the required height. You may need to think about safety harnesses for yourself or your workers. You must also consider the lifting chains and similar equipment that could be used to move tools or building materials to the desired height. It is of little value getting people to the right height if they don't have the equipment they need or if the materials move during transport and cause an injury to someone below.

Checking your height safety products

While buying the right height safety products is important, you can't end your concern at that point. Once you have your height safety products, you must be able to care for them properly and to check that they remain safe to use whenever you need them. Storing the equipment in a secure, protected environment when it is not in use is essential but so are full inspections whenever the equipment is readied for use. Check and make certain that your harnesses, chains and similar pieces of kit are in perfect condition and not knotted, damaged or worn before you entrust any load to them. It simply isn't worth the risk of them breaking while under strain and maiming anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way. If anything appears to be damaged or is showing signs of wear, then find an alternative piece of kit and don't take the risk.

To find out more about which height safety products would be best for your situation, contact your local supplier. In addition to stocking everything that you need they will be able to advise you on the best way to care for whatever equipment you need to purchase.


23 September 2020

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