4 Reasons To Choose Electric Chain Hoists For Your Metal Fabrication Business


A wide variety of tools and equipment are needed to run a successful metal fabrication shop or factory, and a chain hoist can be a particularly useful tool in your arsenal. When properly used, a chain hoist can be used to lift remarkably heavy objects, and one or two chain hoists can make moving large projects and pieces of fabrication equipment around your work environment much easier.

However, manual chain hoists generally don't have the power necessary for lifting heavy objects fabricated from steel or aluminium, so you should consider investing in power chain hoists. Electric chain hoists are a particularly popular choice, and have numerous advantages over hoists powered by compressed air or other power sources. Here are four reasons why electric hoists are the best choice if you need extra lifting capacity for your metal fabrication business:

They are very reliable

Sudden mechanical failures are often dangerous in the metal fabrication industry, but a chain hoist that suddenly loses power and/or traction can be hugely hazardous if the hoist is currently carrying a heavy object. Reliability is key for safe, long-term operation of your chain hoist, and electric chain hoists are among the most reliable models out there. Most modern electric chain hoists are very simple to maintain, with very few moving parts, and the popularity of electric hoists means repairs and replacement parts can be obtained very easily.

They are eco-friendly

If you are concerned about the impact your metal fabrication business may be having on the environment, electric chain hoists are an excellent, eco-friendly choice. They create zero emissions during operation and can be powered by the standard electrical outlets located on your business premises. If your business is powered by renewable power sources, an electric chain hoist can be completely carbon neutral.

Compressed air chain hoists are also emission-free, but they are frequently supplied with compressed air contained in disposable, non-recyclable canisters. Electric chain hoists are therefore the way to go if you want to keep down the amount of physical waste your business produces.

They are cheap to run

Canisters of compressed air can also be quite expensive, especially if you do not have the space for large, bulk-storage canisters or need to travel some distance to have your tanks refilled. An electric chain hoist powered by your business's basic power infrastructure is generally much cheaper to operate. 

They are very quiet

Electric chain hoists are deceptively quiet, even when operating at full power while carrying extremely heavy loads, and are considerably quieter than most types of pneumatic chain hoist. This can be a tremendous boon in the already noisy environs of a busy metal fabrication shop, and will make it easier to keep ambient noise levels relatively low when you lift and transport cargo.


30 December 2019

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