Which type of pH controller do you need for your system?


Many industrial systems require the pH of water to be strictly controlled. These include waste disposal systems, where the water will need to be of a good enough quality to discharge, or recycling systems which intend to use the treated water again. Such systems include a pH controller, which will automatically measure and adjust the relevant properties of the water. There are two main types of system that can be used for this purpose; inline and recirculating pH control systems.

10 November 2022

Scissor Lift Buying Vs Rental: A Comparative Guide


Scissor lifts guarantee your safety when working in elevated places. For instance, you could be repainting your home, installing a roof, or repairing a wall. Many people are often conflicted over whether to rent or purchase the lift. Below is a comparative guide with the assertion that hiring the scissor lift is a suitable option compared to purchasing it.  Buying the Scissor Lift  Buying suits people who need a scissor lift for long-term use.

30 June 2022

Top Things People Look for When Installing Rural Fencing


If you live on a rural property, or if you're preparing to purchase a piece of rural property, then you might be interested in installing fencing on the property. As you can probably imagine, people find themselves looking for different things when installing fencing on different properties. If you're looking for fencing for a rural property, for example, you might be looking for something a little different from what someone in a subdivision might want.

9 March 2022