What Are the Most Important Things to Remember for a Successful Hydraulic Seal Installation?


If your hydraulic seals are worn out, then you might be ready to replace them. After all, you probably know that having good-quality hydraulic seals in place is very important if you want to prevent leaks and if you want to be sure that your hydraulic system will work like it's supposed to. There are a few key things that you have to remember during a hydraulic seal installation, however, starting with the things listed below.

Choose the Right Hydraulic Seals

Because hydraulic seals come in all different sizes and types, it's important for you to make sure that you buy the right hydraulic seals for your particular hydraulic system. By choosing the right hydraulic seals for your system, you can help ensure that installation will be pretty easy, and you can help ensure that your seals will actually do a proper job of providing a good, secure seal after installation.

Prevent the Seals From Being Damaged

Before you install your hydraulic seals, you should check them over carefully to make sure they are not damaged in any way. If you aren't going to be installing them right away, then you should store them in a safe place so they will not be damaged, and you should handle them carefully before and during the hydraulic seal installation process. After all, if your hydraulic seals come in contact with sharp corners or other sharp edges, you have to worry about your seal being torn or otherwise damaged.

Focus on Cleanliness

Many people forget to think about cleanliness when they are installing a hydraulic system, and it's normal for your hydraulic system to be dusty, dirty, or greasy if you have been using it in a busy commercial or industrial environment. Use lint-free cloths to clean both the hydraulic seals and the areas around where they will be installed. Otherwise, you have to worry about lint and other debris finding their way underneath your seals, which can have an impact on sealing performance and can eventually cause problems.

Use Lubricant

You might be familiar with using lubricant when working with a lot of your machinery, but you might not be aware of the fact that you should add lubricant when you are installing your hydraulic seals. However, adding a little bit of lubricant to the seal and the area where it will be installed can help make for a smoother and easier installation. Make sure that you choose a lubricant that will not damage your hydraulic seal or your machinery.


18 August 2021

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