Critical Features That Improve the Performance of TIG Welding Units


With the current metal fabrication industry experiencing significant growth, now would be the right time to open a metal fabrication shop. However, you need the right equipment if you want to start on the right footing. An excellent place to start would be to find the right TIG welding unit. However, with different brands available in the market, finding what you need might prove challenging. Luckily for you, this article has done much of the work and highlights key features or characteristics to look for in a TIG welder

Wireless Foot Pedal 

As mentioned earlier, TIG welding requires that the welding machines heat the metals being joined to the extent that they melt and bind together. However, there must be a way to control the heat generated or amperage because failure to do so will lead to paddling and an unclean weld. Moreover, uncontrolled heat when welding thick pieces of metal can lead to heat stress cracking. A TIG welding machine equipped with a foot pedal allows fabricators to heat up or cool down the weld puddle, which assists in producing a precise weld bead. Make sure that the pedal is wireless because it performs better than the coded versions. Besides, it improves operator comfort because someone can position the pedal anywhere they wish to.

Automatic Dual Voltage 

Most metal fabrication businesses new to the industry have a misconception that 120V units are only meant for the DIY enthusiast at home who doesn't want to spend so much money rewiring their home garage with 240V power. However, these fabricators forget that they might get a job that requires them to connect the welding unit to a client's electrical system. Therefore, it is not a farfetched idea that even professionals need TIG welding units made in 120V. Unfortunately, such small gigs can be far and few between, and the 120V unit you buy may sit idle most of the time. This is where a TIG welder with automatic dual voltage proves essential. It is a much-needed capability because it solves the problem of having one unit sitting in the workshop as 'overhead'. The reason is that the dual-voltage capability allows the operator to step up or step down voltages as befits the project. Therefore, you do not have to turn down a small project simply because you cannot find suitable power to the unit.

Long Power Input Cable 

Portability is one factor you must consider when buying a TIG welder, especially for spacious fabrication facilities. Therefore, the length of the power input cable must be long enough to allow operator ease of movement inside the fabrication workshop. If you buy a TIG welder unit with a short cable, then the operator will be restricted to a particular section of the workshop. It can be frustrating, especially when dealing with heavy metal pieces. An extended power input cable allows you to assign a welder to any worksite, thereby improving productivity.


16 December 2019

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