How Steel Building Supplies Can Be Used Around Your Home


Whether you are building or renovating your home one material, you will not be able to manage without is steel. Roofing is one area where steel is often used due to the strong and durable nature of the material, but there are lots of other ways that steel building supplies could be incorporated into your home to provide a strong, stable structure to protect your family. Here are four other ways that steel building supplies could be used in and around your property.

Steel flooring

Lots of people are used to steel being used above their head in the roof. Not so many people tend to think about using steel as a flooring material. Steel flooring has a lot of advantages over other materials. Steel is termite- and fire-resistant so that it offers great protection for your family. Steel floors can be fixed firmly in place to remove the possibility of bounce or movement. Steel flooring can be used on almost any site, and since it is galvanised, it will not corrode or rot away.

Steel house frames

It's not only the floor and roof of your home that could be made of steel. The same strong and durable characteristics that make steel ideal as flooring also mean that it is a popular material for creating the whole frame of your property. Steel house frames are strong while remaining lightweight and manoeuvrable. Steel frames can be used in domestic properties as well as commercial ones and are available as part of fully integrated house-frame systems.

Steel formwork

Not all steel building supplies in your home may be as immediately obvious as a steel roof. Steel can also be used out of sight for reinforcing concrete and as formwork. The steel used in this way will generally be galvanised and be made available in several thicknesses, so whether you need steel reinforcing steel mesh or bars, it is easy to find exactly the type of steel that you need.

Outside the home

Steel building supplies can have a range of uses outside your home. Steel is commonly used for guttering and the associated downpipes and fascias since it is ideally suited to the Australian climate. Steel also remains a popular choice for strong, long-lasting fencing that can be aesthetically pleasing. Steel fencing is available in a range of colours to suit any home environment or style.

If you would like to know more about how steel building supplies could be used around your property, then talk to your local supplier today.


9 December 2019

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