Tips for Renting a Scissor Lift


Scissor lifts are essential equipment in construction and manufacturing as it allows workers to access areas out of their reach. When you need to use scissor lifts, you may not have a budget to buy one, hence the need to rent one. To ensure you rent safe and efficient equipment, use the following tips.

Environment and weather

You cannot operate a scissor lift without securing the work site. Before renting one, you should assess the environment for any hazards that may pose a risk. Any dangers like power lines, uneven ground and any physical features that may pose a threat to the stability of the scissor lift are a problem. Always measure the area where the scissor lift will be positioned and measure the height you would need to access.

Note that you should only operate the scissor lift in good weather. You should never operate the lift during a storm or in unstable terrain.


While there are no formal certifications for scissor lift operation, there are set OSHA standards for lift operators. OSHA standards dictate that lift operators must have proper training and PPE before they can operate the machinery. You must, therefore, ensure that your crew has the required safety training for running a scissor lift. The operator of the scissor lift should have adequate knowledge of controls and emergency procedures.


Renting a scissor lift allows for flexibility in your budget, especially if you only need it for a limited time. Renting is also ideal as most rental agreements come with a maintenance plan. This ensures that you do not pay for any maintenance or upkeep plans. The cost of renting a scissor lift is determined by the type of scissor lift you need and how long you plan to use it. The type of scissor lift will also affect operating expenses. Diesel scissor lifts will require fuel and electric scissor lifts will use on-site electricity. Always get quotes from a few suppliers to get a competitive hire rate.

Equipment maintenance

Even if you are cautious and create a safe work environment, all these measures are useless unless the scissor lift is maintained regularly. When renting a scissor lift, ensure you rent from a reputable supplier. You can enquire about their maintenance schedule before signing a contract. Ensure you test and inspect the scissor lift. Some aspects to check for include emergency controls, brakes and the guardrail. This prevents any failures during the project.


29 November 2019

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