How to Use a Long Handle Bitumen Brush on Driveway Renovations Efficiently


Driveway renovations can transform the external aesthetics of a house, especially if the driveway was neglected for some time. However, an undertaking of this magnitude can be quite costly, and that is why you need the right tools for the job. A long handle bitumen brush is one such piece of equipment, and it allows you to spread tar across the driveway with relative ease. That said, you need to understand how to use a long handle bitumen brush because poor handling leads to premature damage. This article highlights precautions to take when using a long handle bitumen brush to ensure it lasts the entire driveway renovation project.

Run a Wire Brush Through the Bristles -- One characteristic that separates quality bitumen brush from the rest is the flexibility of the bristles. It is essential because the flexibility of the hairs determines how well the brush spreads the tar. For instance, if the bristles are clumped together, they will not spread the bitumen efficiently, and this will work against you since you will use more tar. Therefore, you should run a wire brush through the bristles before you put the bitumen brush to the driveway. The wire brush will untangle any clumped bristles, thereby restoring the brush's flexibility. 

Press the Brush Slightly When Applying Tar -- A common practice amongst DIY enthusiasts about using a long handle bitumen brush is to hold it lightly as you spread tar on a driveway. While this gets the job done, it is not an efficient use of the brush. If you pull the brush, the bristles will remain in their positions; therefore, the area covered will be the same as the brush's width. Notably, pressing the long handle bitumen brush slightly as you move helps spread the bristles to cover a wide-angle. 

Use a Solvent Between Runs -- Although it is not advisable to apply tar on your driveway on a hot summer afternoon, some occasions call for prudent renovations. For example, if you wish to host an end-of-year party and the driveway is not up to scratch, you have to work through the hot afternoons. However, you need to note that tar dries fast in such conditions, and this has a knock-on effect on your brush. The reason is that the tar on the bristles will also harden after some time. Therefore, it is vital to keep a solvent nearby so that if the asphalt begins to dry on the brush, you can quickly rinse it out. It saves time and the amount of tar used.    


27 November 2019

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