4 Insider Tips For Buying Used Farm Equipment


Are you one of those lucky individuals to own a farm in Australia? If so, you probably own one or two tractors. Your tractor can help with many farming tasks, but unfortunately, it might not be enough. Some jobs require specific farm equipment such as hay rakes, fruit harvesters, bush hogs, etc. Thus, you may be buying either new or used farm equipment to accomplish some tasks. 

Here are some insider tips when you choose to purchase any used farm equipment:

1. Inspect the Equipment for Wear and Damages

An excellent farm equipment dealership allows you to inspect the equipment thoroughly. During the inspection, be keen on vital areas such as gears, drawbars, chains, water pump, tires, etc. It can be quite frustrating to buy used farm equipment that breaks down the first day you use it in the field. 

Thus, it's crucial to have a proper understanding of different farm equipment and how to handle them when you spot wear or damage signs. In case you are buying a used tractor, observe its hitch. Worn-out hitch holes indicate the amount of work this machine has handled before, which can help you determine its capabilities when you purchase it. 

2. In What Condition Is the Driver's Platform?

Determine whether the seat is weathered or worn out and if the high-traffic areas still have paint. Fundamentally, consider choosing a worn-out rather than weathered seat. Besides, you should expect worn-out paint in areas such as gears, pedals, grab handles, etc. Ideally, this indicates that the previous owners relied on the machine frequently. 

3. Avoid Liquid Overhauls

Before purchasing any farm equipment, you want to see it as close to field operating condition as possible. Fresh lubricants and fluid changes may hide engine contamination issues, so you should always watch out for this too. 

4. Research Other Competitive Brands

Never stick to one brand of farm equipment because there are many other more exceptional options on the market today. A little research can go a long way in saving you thousands of dollars during a purchase. Thus, determine whether the competitive brands can still be productive with proper dealership support. 

Besides, remember to factor in other things like use level. For instance, if you are going to use the equipment a few days a month, then you can save more money with competitive equipment brands. 

These are the top four insider tips recommended by professionals in the industry when purchasing used farm equipment. We hope this information is helpful to simplify your purchase. 



23 November 2019

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