Car Lift Trends That Installation Service Providers Should Watch


When building a new home, one of the most essential things homeowners value is parking space. It is usually not a problem for homeowners whose property has enough space for a single or double garage. For homeowners with more than two vehicles, however, finding the balance between having ample parking space and meeting design requirements can be challenging. Thanks to car elevators, homeowners no longer have to worry about limited parking space. As a car lift installation service provider, therefore, you should keep up with car lift trends to remain competitive and grow your business. Read on.   

Driveway Car Lift

Some homeowners don't mind installing car lifts in their homes even though they have enough parking space. Usually, such clients want the luxury that comes with these installations. However, for clients that opt for car elevators due to limited parking space, you must make use of every inch of space available on their property. The driveway is one such space that offers adequate underground space for a car lift. Therefore, rather than install the car lift on your client's small lawn, save the space and install the elevator below the driveway. The advantage of the car lift style is that the homeowner doesn't have to struggle with parking once they are on the driveway. All they have to do is activate the car lift, and their car is lowered straight from the driveway.   

Turntable Lift

Limited parking space comes with its fair share of problems, the most common of which is the inability to turn your vehicle when parking. For instance, in a narrow driveway that doubles as parking space, a driver has first to enter the driveway in reverse to ensure the front of their vehicle is facing the gate. However, all this is a hassle and time consuming for potential customers. Turntable car lifts eliminate the constraints since the elevators are designed to orient the vehicle to the best drive-off position. Once installed, your clients simply drive into the car elevator, regardless of which direction the car is facing. The turntable lift then turns the vehicle in the most appropriate position that makes driving off easy.   

Shuttle Lift

The amount of underground space homeowners have is immense, and car lift manufacturers have designed car lifts that make effective use of this space. Most underground lifts can accommodate two vehicles stacked on top of each other. However, the installation requires deep excavation, which can be time consuming and expensive. Shuttle parking lifts are designed to traverse the platform sideways and store the vehicle in a storage compartment. The design only requires homeowners to excavate the ground for space enough to hold a single car going down.   


9 November 2019

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