Your Guide to Animal Fencing


People all over Australia need high-quality fencing to either keep their livestock and pets where they should be or to keep wildlife out. Of course, there are many requirements for keeping people on either side of a boundary, too. That said, if you are looking for rural fencing that can work as effectively in gardens and around business premises as it can on farmland, then there are several different options open to you. What sort of rural fencing should you be looking for if you want to keep animals within their enclosures and keep pests at bay?

  • Dog Mesh

Although many rural homeowners need dog fencing to keep foxes and dingoes outside of their property, a great deal of it is sold to people who have pet dogs and who want to keep them secure. Much of it is manufactured from welded wire mesh, which means that dogs are able to see through and keep an eye out for people who come and go. However, it also means that your dogs will not be able to escape or force their way out. Wire mesh for dog fencing is usually supplied with galvanised pipes or posts so it will last an extremely long time once it has been installed no matter what the weather throws at it. Of course, all sizes are dog are catered for with this sort of mesh, which is perfect for kennel owners, homeowners and farmers alike.

  • Snake Mesh

Given that livestock and pets can be attacked by snakes in certain parts of rural Australia, snake mesh is particularly helpful. Many dog owners install snake mesh in just the same way as they might install dog fencing these days. However, the most important difference is that snake mesh protects your pets and livestock from wild creatures. It is not just snakes that are unable to get through this tighter mesh – you can prevent rats and other vermin from getting onto your property, too. Of course, making a safe enclosure for your animals is one thing, but this type of mesh will also prevent snakes and other pests from entering your food store or granary storage.

  • Equestrian Mesh

To the untrained eye, equestrian mesh looks very much like dog mesh. The relative dimensions of the mesh are much the same size in either type. That said, equestrian mesh tends to be supplied in greater heights. In addition, high-tensile, hot-dipped galvanised meshes tend to be preferred because they are able to span greater widths between their supporting poles. This allows for as a low a price as possible to be achieved for every metre of installed fence.


7 November 2019

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