Could you benefit from using steel tubing?


Have you considered how useful steel tubing could be for your next manufacturing project? Steel tubing is strong and durable and it can be used in a wide variety of applications across a range of industrial and domestic purposes.

What does steel tubing look like?

While steel tubing is commonly round, it doesn't have to be that shape. It is possible to find steel tubing that is rectangular or square as well as round. The tubing can be of a seamless or a welded construction and could incorporate different alloys such as titanium, manganese or tungsten in the steel to add different properties to the product.

Should your tubing be welded or seamless?

Choosing between seamless or welded tubes is largely a matter of personal choice. Welded steel tubing is formed using a curling plate and then welding the seam. Seamless tube creation involves passing molten steel over a piercing rod. It used to be the case that seamless tubing was stronger than welded steel tubing, but as technology has moved forward, it is now possible to create welded steel tubing that almost equals the strength of seamless tubing.  

Where can you find steel tubing?

Steel tubing is a highly valued part of many projects in both residential and industrial settings. Around your home, you might find steel tubing used in gas pipes or as a part of your appliances. Within the industry, steel tubing is valued for the ability it has to withstand high pressure and temperature changes. Tubing is particularly widely used in the construction industry to create scaffolding frames, as well as in the car manufacturing industry, where it is often used in fuel injection, suspension systems and the internal components of vehicles.

What about you?

With this variety of applications, there are sure to be many ways that you could employ steel tubing in your own organization. Why not talk to your supplier about how you can employ steel tubing within your company? A good supplier will know which products to recommend for your particular application and will be able to guide you through their product range until you find the perfect item for your purposes. If they don't have exactly the right shape or size of tube in stock, then they may be able to cut or shape an existing product to meet your specifications, so don't be afraid to describe exactly what you need.

For more information, contact a steel tubing manufacturer.


5 November 2019

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